Oddfish for Oddfish

Quite an Oddfish

Oddfish is a USA premium toy brand which creates “super soft, adorable and a little nutty” plush toys and ships them worldwide. The collaboration with the brand for this project was the other way of how our studio usually works (from concept art to animated ad) as they already had their characters designed and even manufactured, so the studio had to take these existing plush toys, model them into 3D and keep their adorableness into their characters into 3D – and of course – expand further the  story behind each of these fishes.

The Production

One of the biggest challenges we faced for this production was to get the correct personality for each Oddfish since it’s certainly not the same to read the brief and see the plush toy than having to portray it the right way in 3D. Each 3d character had to go through a character exploration exercise so that the personality would match the character´s description and the already existing plush toys.

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