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Heroes for Kiwi Inc.

A traveler finds himself in an unknown and mysterious island…

Upon exploring the island he soon finds it inhabited by evil creatures… and friendly warriors.

The cinematic follows the storyline of the main Hero – one of many –  as he gets into the unknown where he will bump into friends & foes.

The Production

One of the all-time favorite projects here at the studio was the development and animation of this cinematic, produced for the mobile gaming company Kiwi Inc. The latter reached out to Exodo Animation Studios in order to fulfill an animatic for their upcoming mobile game in which they were looking for 45 seconds of epic animation and a screen filled with action, yet on a cartoon world.

Kiwi Inc supplied an original brief and storyline for the project and after the animation studio took over in order to fine-tune and develop the characters, as well as creating the entire world for the Hero ambiance, where the main idea was to create an appealing cartoon world while following the storyline.

The Making-of

Heroes was an entry door into the creation of cinematics for the studio since we had quite some feedback on this project and a constant flow of questions as of how we had created this. The Making-of albeit simple, spread like fire once we put it out there, generating even more content about this production.

Press: IAMag.com, CG Meetup

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