Jorge Lucas “Cinepolito”



Jorge Lucas “Cinepolito” for Cinépolis

Exodo goes to the movies!

Cinépolis – the 4th largest cineplex chain in the world – needed an advert for their latest promotion aimed at its Club Cinépolis members, and they wanted someone cool to tell their frequent members all about it. And thus came Jorge Lucas, a.k.a Cinepolito.

The Production

Exodo Animation Studios through the agency La Flama, was asked to adapt a 3D character named “Cinepolito” and create a 30 second animation where he explained the promotion and the benefits of being a member of Club Cinepolis. He needed to be cool, sound cool and offer great promotions, however in contrast to what all clients avoid, which is a blank screen as a background, this time all the focus was needed in the character and what he had to offer.

A very interesting 3d production which required a lot of character development and understanding of how to express properly through this 3d character.

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