06 April 2016 / By Exodo Animation Team

Development: Exodo Animation Studios
Production House: Area VFX Brazil
Director: Guillermo Navarro / Paco Zamudio
Executive Producer: Paco Navarro

1 min. animation preshow for Cinemark Brazil movie theaters.

Area VFX entrusted Exodo Animation Studios with the task to develop a 1 minute animation for Cinemark’s theater’s preshow.
It was a daunting task as the production needed to be completed within 30 days. Additionally, we faced some challenges since there were shots that needed crowds to fill the theater, while others needed simulation effects such as fire, smoke and water with a character lineup ascending to 8 main characters and several extras with their variants.

We stood up to the challenge and managed to bring the project forward and delivered in a timely manner without threatening the project’s quality.

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