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Working with Exodo Animation was a dream – the team always had fabulous ideas and quick turnaround, and they were super responsive to our feedback. The video came out BEAUTIFULLY


Bakery Blitz for RockYou Media

The Sweet Side of Animation!

Bakery Blitz is one addictive mobile game created by RockYou Media where the main idea is to help Sugar in her mission to restore sweetness to the world.

Having this brief, the concept art team here at the studio helped RockYou Media with character animation and turning their concept for this game into a set of actionable 3D models, where the main goal was to have lovable characters surrounded by a colorful world.

The Production

Once we received the brief, characters and color scripts, it was time for the studio to start the  modelling and rigging of each 3d character and create a brand new scenery where our art department paid special attention to the colors being used in the production.

The Making-of

This cinematic was so much fun to make that we decided to create another making-of in order to explain our development process, especially since we wanted to take a look back of how it began since this time we hadn’t been involved in the project since day 1, so it was a great retrospective to look back at what we originally got as a brief and how the whole project unfolded.

Watch the Making-of Bakery Blitz in here:

Press: CG Meetup

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