INCREDIBLE! This beautiful dystopian short is animated to the smallest of details. telling the story of lost and broken souls and their struggle to survive. The visual representation of the futuristic made up world is no less than phenomenal, and the unusual use of colors and style is absolutely brilliant the journey of characters are going through is so humane and familiar that you forget they aren’t real people. Bravo

New York Film Awards

An incredible visual experience that will take your breath away. Multiple individual stories are combined into a full, cohesive short, accompanied by a wonderful score and fantastic sound design that complete the picture, director Raúl Koler and Co-director Emiliano Sette present their unique vision that is refreshing in its originality as well as in its message. They set a new standard to animated storytelling. Brilliant use of Mozart´s Lacrimosa. WOW!

Festigious International FIlm Festival

Hypnotic! Anacronte is a terrific short film that shocks the viewer from the very first frame. Visually stunning, thought provoking and clever. Storytelling at its best.

Top Shorts Online Film Festival

Anacronte for N/D

Since the timeless night, on the life’s plains, humanity faces the Sorcerers of Evil’s indefeasible designs…
The Production

It was almost two years of hard work for our studio as we took part in the animated production of this short film – in coordination with Celeste Estudio (Argentina) and Mr. Bug (Argentina) – where we got to do our favorite thing as a studio: turn an idea into a 3D animation.

The technical requirements were high for the studio, yet we were able to broke it down and our art and animation department took on the challenge to be able to tell a complex, yet amazing and colorful story for this short film.

The Storyline
  • Best Picture – New York Film Awards
  • Best Animation – Los Angeles Film Awards
  • Best Director – Los Angeles Film Awards
  • Best Picture – Festigious International Film Festival
  • Best Animation Short – Independent Short Awards
  • Best Original Story – Independent Short Awards
  • Winner – Noida International FIlm Awards
  • Animation of the Month – Monthly FIlm Festival
  • Film of the Month – Top Shorts Online Film Festival

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