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14 January 2018 / By The Exodo Team
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This is where it all starts!

A couple of years ago we talked internally about the idea to have a blog where we could share about what happens at the studio, which challenges we face and basically just have a place where we could share ideas about animation, VFX, the state  industry… or well, which movie we recently saw that had shaken the studio and prompted a lot of watercooler talk here at the studio.

One of the main issues for launching the blog is that we turned to ask ourselves who was our audience; we receive tons of emails from animation students asking us questions, we also get piles of emails from our clients asking if we can do this or that or the usual project follow up, there are also people reaching out to us trying to do partnerships, sometimes we get asked to deliver feedback for an animation industry event, basically the list could just go on and on…,  so trying to define this audience was just giving us a headache; we tried to create a brief of what the blog would be but as so many other good ideas from our studio that never see the light, it just died after a while.

Long story short: this was just to tell you we will be here posting often, we left the audience issue behind and we just jumped into the opportunity we had here with our new website and we decided to share whatever is on our minds at any given moment, which is exactly how life at our studio is: priorities change, clients change, projects change, we change.

In this blog we will give insights on what we are working on our clients (of course, when we can share this information with you all), we will also share tips for those students that often reach out to us, and we will share our feedback about that latest movie we saw that was really cool. Basically, we want to build a platform to talk to our current visitors, regardless of their role in the animation world.
So yes, we forgot about the audience and KISS’ed it (and here’s we start crossing fingers and hope we have made the right choice).

So yes, we hope you enjoy the brand new Exodo Animation Studios blog!


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

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