When Was Your Last Call?

By Exodo Animation Studios on February 13, 2020
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3d Animator

When the crunch time goes on, you remember that being an animator isn’t easy, sometimes when the frustration comes, you even wonder why bother anymore? That’s when it hits you again, this is my passion, this is what I want to do and you keep pushing yourself because you know this is worth it. When you see the final product it all makes sense.

Animation is not an easy job, but there are 3 ways that you can see what you are doing for a living; as a job, a career or as a vocation. What is the difference? You may ask. A Job is what you do for making your means to the end, I mean, you work for that paycheck, that weekend, that vacation. A Career is what you do for the gratification that comes to it, you work for that raise, for that new rank and you motivate yourself to give extra hours just because you want to. But a vocation or the calling is the real deal, you do it for your own sake, its what you want to even if you don’t make anything out of it.

We often say that doctors have what is called a “vocation”, we also say that about priests, but why don’t we say that to ourselves even when we wake up every day to do our normal jobs? Even if you are a lawyer, a teacher, a journalist or an animator. It is important that we acknowledge that what we do for a living is important and is our calling.

What do you want to be when you grow up? That is one of the first questions you get when you are a toddler, we often answer with the common jobs we have seen on screen, but some of those times when you get that question and…. you just know. For me, I was 11 and I read some manga that a woman wrote and I realized that that could be a job, you could create something from nothing with you art… My mind was blown away. When did you have your calling? When did you know?

Fifteen years later, that is what I do for a living and this is what Exodo Animation Studios has to offer!!! A lot of work done with our vocation for making the best possible animation just for you. You just have to ask the chef and your work will be on board.

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