From Pencil to the Big Screen

By Exodo Animation Studios on January 15, 2020
Studio Stories

Thousands of years ago, it occurred to somebody that he could whatever he saw that surrounded him, in stone. And in that particular moment, history and the particular way we interpret the world have changed forever.

Drawing art is undeniably linked to the human been. It is easy to dismiss it as something that only children and eccentric adults pursue in a daily life, but the reality is that it has made a great difference for our species. It was particularly important in that foggy period, thousands of years ago, when the line between writing and drawing was not clear enough. Drawing was also writing and vice versa. Today, the background has not changed that much, we only perfectioned the way we do it.

Along with the technological advances have also come the wonderful advances in art that allow the cinema to be where it is today, and within the endless plethora of cinematographic genres we find the small and brilliant jewel of animation in all its presentations.

Animation cinema is born as soon as the desire to generate moving images is born. Animation is to make life come from nothing, from a blank sheet or, more recently, from an empty digital file. It is creating entire worlds and complete realities, putting them together one frame at a time, joining them thoroughly and delivering them to an audience that is willing to get carried away by a good story no matter how crazy it is.

One of the great wonders of animation lies mainly in the versatility it offers to those who practice it. Do you want to tell a love story between robots of the future? Have talking animals like fish under the sea? Give a face to the moon and make her dance in the sky? Animation can do all that and so much more. The limits of the natural world can be easily forgotten in favor of giving free rein to the craziest and wildest thoughts of your imagination. The only limit is creativity itself, because even software is no longer an impediment: in a time when computers go faster than any human mind, the possibilities for animated films soar across the ceiling. It is the most beautiful marriage of all: art and technology, in an eternal advance that results in some of the most impressive visual products that humanity has generated.

The second great wonder of animation is a direct heritage of filmmaking and, in reality, of art in general: it gives us a new voice to tell what we have in mind. And with each delivery, whether it is a few minutes or hours, we are given a blank canvas to start a talk with hundreds and potentially thousands of people who will make each story yours. They will give their turn and touch, and who knows, maybe they even fall in love with this incredible medium to tell stories and start making their own.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of the Western public is to believe that animated films can only be oriented towards girls. They seem to forget that all the effort and planning behind each film is made by adults who spend years creating art pieces to present to the world. Maybe one day we will learn something from our friends in Japan, who exploit and take advantage of the environment without age limits.

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