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By Exodo Animation Studios on July 30, 2019
Studio Stories

On last July 16th, we were very privileged to meet with the Innovation Secretary of the state of Jalisco, Lic. Alfonoso Pompa to discuss about the state of the animation industry, and the follow up on promoting the animation production in Jalisco.

The reunion was held in downtown at the brand new Creative City complex. All the most relevant and important animation, videogames and vfx studios were in the meeting. Exodo’s co-founders, Paco Zamudio and Paco Navarro attended and presented the company. Later, once the meeting became a think tank, Paco Navarro exposed the importance to support the local animation events and how relevant is to bring key players in the international animation industry to Guadalajara, so they can know the industry from within and to build trust bridges to attract projects to the region. 

We thank the Innovation Secretary for the invitation for the great reception in the complex and to Mtro. Gabriel Torres and AJIC for making the meeting happen to have a stronger animation industry in Jalisco.

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