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We animate to bring characters to life

we craft imaginary worlds into being

this is our passion

About Us

We are a full-service 3D animation and art studio with a heavy focus on high-end character development and animation, concept art.

Our roots go back to 2006, where for over 10 years we have produced top CGI and animation content for an international clientele.

We collaborate with top agencies and gaming companies throughout the US, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin / South America.

Paco Zamudio


Guadalajara, México

Mateo - Character Development

Juan Mendiola

Development Producer

Toronto, CA

Carlos Coss

Business Developer

México, D.F.

Carlos Cos - Exodo Animation Studios
RockYou Inc
McGraw Hill
Hewlett Packard
Fox Sports

Watch our Shortfilm Now

Fearnando: One Thousand and One Creepy Stories


Concept Art / 3D Art • Character Development • Character Animation
2D Animation • 3D Animation • Cinematics • IP Development • 360° Videos
Virtual Reality • Art & Animation Outsourcing

Concept Art

Our experienced team of artists provide creative services and high quality concept art bringing ideas to life.

3D Art

Within our 3D art department we always aim to show the creativity and high-quality visual work that the studio has to offer.

3D Animation

We creatively craft each story we tell. Our animation teams attention to detail allows us to develop striking animations.

Character Development

Our skilled artists are natural born storytellers that produce and explore ideas in order to create, sketch, model and refine unique characters.

Character Animation

One of the core foundations of the studio is to bring to life 3D characters and to produce visually appealing animation projects.

2D Animation

Our 2D development and production techniques has matured over the years allowing us to develop high quality animation content in 2D and 2.5D.


We capture the essence of any game, through which we tell compelling stories and create amazing worlds for the gaming industry.

3D Art & Animation Outsourcing

For over a decade we have created and nurtured successful partnerships with a long list of clients. We understand high-quality, communication and timely delivery are key elements for an  external development.

IP Development

We constantly pursue unique ideas and stories, having developed several throughout the years. We possess ROI data in order to allow investments and nurture profitable partnerships.

Contact Us

We are just an email or phone call away, let's talk about how we can contribute to your project.

hola@exodoanimation.com   |    phone: +52 (33) 33303660